Live Blogging Our Visit to the Emergency Room

August 31, 2015 1

[Baby Watch: Day 138] Last Saturday I carved out some time to write a new blog post about Baby Oliver. Just as I settled in, I heard Kristen shriek from the upstairs bathroom where she was bathing the baby. A shriek from within close proximity to a bathtub means that any and all manner of horrible accidents was fully in […]


January 9, 2015 2

[Pregnancy Day 188] How many times can an intensely sick father, who is valiantly working to complete his future child’s nursery, cough on a crib before it is considered permanently contagious?  I mean, I know it’d be fine if I just give it a quick cleaning, but we all know that’s not gunna happen.  Currently deciding how to proceed.  Either: A. […]

Take a Flashlight, Honey

October 28, 2014 0

[Pregnancy Day 115] This baby better grow up fast, cause I’m not cut out to be the one who investigates strange sounds in the basement. The winds howling, I’m watching The Walking Dead, and dang it, I need my 8 year old daughter to go check out that creeking noise. Take a flashlight, honey.