Casa de Baby Hemmings

April 7, 2015 1

[Pregnancy Day 276] I am happy to announce that Casa de Baby Hemmings is finally complete! After much blood, sweat, and (manly) tears, the nursery is complete, and Kristen asked that I post a few pictures to humblebrag about the progress. First, an overview: Since we don’t know whether Baby Hemmings is “with penis” or “sans penis” (sometimes I use medical […]

Womb Room

March 8, 2015 0

[Pregnancy Day 246] When discussing our nursery theme (children’s literature) this morning with our friend Jody, she said, “It doesn’t really matter what the theme is, cause no matter what it will seem like a foreign place, and the kid will be scared regardless.” And I said, “Yeah, we should’ve designed the room to look like a womb, since that’s what […]

Rapper Themed Nursery

January 7, 2015 2

[Pregnancy Day 186] Kristen and I considered having a pit bull nursery theme, but then we thought people might get confused and think we meant the musician Pitbull instead of the dog, and then we’d get all kinds of crazy rap paraphernalia that we don’t want. So, we eventually decided to have a Lil Jon theme instead.