101 Things I Have Learned as a Stay-At-Home Dad

July 25, 2015 0

[Baby Watch: Day 101] In honor of Baby Oliver’s 101st day of life . . . here are 101 things I have learned, mostly painfully, thus far as a new dad / stay-at-home dad / idiot savant. (Sure, I could have had this list ready on day 100, cause 101 is a weird number . . . but some day, […]

Casa de Baby Hemmings

April 7, 2015 1

[Pregnancy Day 276] I am happy to announce that Casa de Baby Hemmings is finally complete! After much blood, sweat, and (manly) tears, the nursery is complete, and Kristen asked that I post a few pictures to humblebrag about the progress. First, an overview: Since we don’t know whether Baby Hemmings is “with penis” or “sans penis” (sometimes I use medical […]

Learn From My Mistakes, Future Baby Hemmings

February 14, 2015 2

[Pregnancy Day 224] My Task: Move a no-longer functioning TV from the nursery to the curb. Simple enough. Problem: Aforementioned TV was an old school monstrosity that no man could carry alone. I was alone. Obvious Solution: As I do not own a dolly to wheel the TV myself, and as it needed to go down 2 flights of steps, […]

Rapper Themed Nursery

January 7, 2015 2

[Pregnancy Day 186] Kristen and I considered having a pit bull nursery theme, but then we thought people might get confused and think we meant the musician Pitbull instead of the dog, and then we’d get all kinds of crazy rap paraphernalia that we don’t want. So, we eventually decided to have a Lil Jon theme instead.