Labor & Deliver Class: Part 2 – Barbara Bush’s Brazilian Butt Lift

February 11, 2015 0

[Pregnancy Day 221] This week we had our 2nd “Labor and Delivery” class.  Or so I thought. See, as I was typing last week’s Baby Watch about our 1st “Labor and Delivery” class, I asked Kristen the name of the class, which she told me with 100% confidence.  I asked if she was sure, and she shot me a “how […]

Labor & Delivery Class: Part 1 – Coolest Part of the Uterus Contest

February 5, 2015 4

[Pregnancy Day 215] After attending a rousing introductory class in breastfeeding last week, Kristen and I began our 1st of 4 “Labor and Delivery” classes this week.  I was hoping to live-tweet my experience, but unfortunately the class only had 16 people, the seats were arranged to face each other, and constant use of my cell-phone was immediately banned by […]