101 Things I Have Learned as a Stay-At-Home Dad

July 25, 2015 0

[Baby Watch: Day 101] In honor of Baby Oliver’s 101st day of life . . . here are 101 things I have learned, mostly painfully, thus far as a new dad / stay-at-home dad / idiot savant. (Sure, I could have had this list ready on day 100, cause 101 is a weird number . . . but some day, […]


January 9, 2015 2

[Pregnancy Day 188] How many times can an intensely sick father, who is valiantly working to complete his future child’s nursery, cough on a crib before it is considered permanently contagious?  I mean, I know it’d be fine if I just give it a quick cleaning, but we all know that’s not gunna happen.  Currently deciding how to proceed.  Either: A. […]