The House That Jack Built: A Child’s Guide to Neglecting the Fire Code

December 24, 2016 0

The House That Jack Built: A Child’s Guide to Neglecting the Fire Code It’s hard to criticize a nursery rhyme that was originally published in 1755, but when they’re continuing to print the book for children to gain habits from . . . well, something needs done. The specific book that I read and took these pictures from was originally my […]

The Snowman Storybook is Corrupting My Child

April 13, 2016 0

The Snowman Storybook is Corrupting My Child [Baby Watch: Day 364] As we pull away from the winter months, I find myself fondly reminiscing about my son and his relatively normal response to seeing snow. He feigned amusement and was generally mildly curious while making the world’s worst snow angel (“Come on kid; just move in ANY direction. Arms up […]

Casa de Baby Hemmings

April 7, 2015 1

[Pregnancy Day 276] I am happy to announce that Casa de Baby Hemmings is finally complete! After much blood, sweat, and (manly) tears, the nursery is complete, and Kristen asked that I post a few pictures to humblebrag about the progress. First, an overview: Since we don’t know whether Baby Hemmings is “with penis” or “sans penis” (sometimes I use medical […]

Womb Room

March 8, 2015 0

[Pregnancy Day 246] When discussing our nursery theme (children’s literature) this morning with our friend Jody, she said, “It doesn’t really matter what the theme is, cause no matter what it will seem like a foreign place, and the kid will be scared regardless.” And I said, “Yeah, we should’ve designed the room to look like a womb, since that’s what […]