Top 10 Comments from My Wife’s Baby Care Instructions

June 15, 2015 0

[Baby Watch: Day 61] I have the reputation within my wife’s family as being an anal-retentive over-planner.  This characterization is not undeserved. I pack three times more than I need to for vacations (on one trip my “thank-God-she’s-pretty” wife forgot to pack socks, but, pathetically yet conveniently, I had packed enough for both her and I for the entirety of the […]

I Love My Son So Much, I Stuck a Thermometer Up My Butt

June 6, 2015 0

[Baby Watch: Day 52] As I attempt to write my mildly humorous blog posts about becoming a dad, I often take the well travelled route and make the easy joke at my kid’s expense or I criticize my wife for a cheap laugh or I revert to using the word poop.  It can sometimes feel formulaic and cheap, even if […]

Baby Watch: Day 3

April 18, 2015 1

How many hours of sleep did I let my parents get last night?  This many: Four hours sleep!  We are stoked!  And, things have been a whirlwind for the last 24 hours, basically since they told us we can go home a day early.  Kristen has been very mobile (ie. square dancing, back flips, army crawls – you know, her […]