I Love My Son So Much, I Stuck a Thermometer Up My Butt

June 6, 2015 0

[Baby Watch: Day 52] As I attempt to write my mildly humorous blog posts about becoming a dad, I often take the well travelled route and make the easy joke at my kid’s expense or I criticize my wife for a cheap laugh or I revert to using the word poop.  It can sometimes feel formulaic and cheap, even if […]

I Live in a House of Poop

June 4, 2015 0

[Baby Watch: Day 50] Baby Oliver had his first official diaper blowout today.  It was a vomitous proud day for all. Unfortunately, that was the “good” news. The bad news?  His blowout wasn’t simply through his diaper, requiring a quick wipe down with a costume change.  No no.  His blowout was in the car seat, at the beginning of the […]

My Son’s Guidebook to Eating

May 25, 2015 0

[Baby Watch: Day 40] Various people, my wife included, have characterized our son as a “good eater.”  Personally, I think they’re playing fast and loose with the word “good.”  Calling him a good eater is like calling me a good marathon runner.  Sure, given enough time, I could walk / jog / saunter / amble / meander my way to 26.2 […]