My Baby is a Foodie

April 6, 2016 0

[Baby Watch: Day 357] My Baby is a Foodie My son is half Italian. It is therefore advisable for his future well-being that he learns to love food and eating, otherwise he will be shunned by the entirety of his mother’s side of the family, especially Cousin Hank, who is planning an elaborate vacation to Italy with the lone goal […]

Baby Oliver’s First Taste of Food

September 9, 2015 1

[Baby Watch: Day 147] Baby Oliver’s First Taste of Food A Drama in 10 Parts Part 1: Nerves Part 2: Too Fast!! Part 3: Dear God, the Vile Taste! Part 4: Papa Laughs at My Misfortune Part 5: An Unexplained Punishment? Part 6: Pretend You’re on a Sunny Beach Part 7: Finally, It is Over Part 8: Wait, IT ISN’T OVER?!? Part […]