Best Of Baby Watch

Best Of Baby Watch

Here are 10 of the most viewed / liked posts in case you’re just wanting to get a feel for the blog.  I was going to call this page Greatest Hits of Baby Oliver, but the kid hasn’t accomplished anything yet, so that feels like the cyberspace equivalent of a participation trophy.

Post-Apocalyptic Playground Equipment, Ranked

20 Things Every Stay-At-Home Dad Doesn’t Want You to Know

Verizon Sucks, Even for Babies

101 Things I Have Learned as a Stay-At-Home Dad

A Stay-At-Home Dad’s First Day Home Alone

– Top 10 Comments From My Wife’s Baby Care Instructions

I Love My Son So Much, I Stuck a Thermometer Up My Butt

– Go Time – Live Blogging the Birth of Baby Oliver

– Labor and Delivery Class: Part 1 – Coolest Part of the Uterus Contest

– The Breastaurant: A Minute-By-Binute Recap of One Man’s Experience in a Breastfeeding Class.

What’s that? None of these appeal to you?  Well  . . . . umm . . . . here’s a picture of a kangaroo punching some lady:

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