The Search History on Our Home Computer

[Baby Watch: Day 12]

The best way to describe the last few days of our son’s life is to look through the search history on our home computer.

Searches from Saturday AM:
“newborn hiccups”
“violent newborn hiccups”
“what is gripe water”
“where to get gripe water”
“how to calm baby with hiccups”
“free kenny g music”
“kenny g hair”
“why is kenny g so popular in hong kong”
“best ways to budget your time with a newborn”

Searches from Saturday PM:
“why is my newborn screaming”
“newborns are no fun”
“newborn gassiness or just a jerk?”
“scab on newborn circumcision”
“blood in diaper from newborn circumcision”
“how to clear search history on iMac”

Searches from Sunday AM:
“baby riding dog like pony”
“mount everest avalanche”
“obama correspondents dinner jokes”
“how long is too long to let my newborn sleep”
“nevermind, he’s up”

Searches from Sunday PM:
“newborn jitters”
“is my newborn cold or is he twitching”
“definition of twerking”
“how to properly put newborn into carseat”
“how to attach carseat to stroller”
“how far should a woman walk with an unhealed c-section wound”
“why does my baby look so worried when he is outside”
“baby sunglasses”
“how to get gravel out of newborns ears”
“how to treat c-section wound when you’ve walked too far”
“who sings I would walk 500 miles”
“how to get song out of your head when you can’t sleep”

Searches from Monday AM:
“how to clean cat poop out of shag carpet”
“new parent therapy”


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