Baby Watch: Day 4

So, it turns out that we are novice parents (i.e. dumb).

Turns out, they make different size swaddle blankets.  We have 3, but only 1 fits newborns (a problem we remedied ASAP this morning).

Turns out, Baby Oliver has the ability to pee through a diaper, an outfit, a swaddle blanket, and a crib sheet, and he can do this within minutes of being put down for the night (a problem we remedied with a 2 am load of laundry).

Turns out, baby monitors need charged in order to work properly (a problem we remedied periodically during the night).

But, it also turns out that our baby is . . . what’s the nice way to say this . . . unique.

Baby Oliver has the upper arm strength of a 30-year-old Ukrainian gymnast.  This makes swaddling an adventure with or without the proper clothing.  I’m offering a $1,000 reward to the first person who can successfully swaddle Baby O with a simple receiving blanket.  He laughs at your puny efforts, silly human.

But it’s okay, cause we’re holding things together for the most part; Kristen and I have been sleeping in shifts (the romance!), and our friends and family have been awesome.  How awesome?  So awesome that we already have this video recap (click the link below) of Oliver’s first 48 hours, courtesy of my brother-in-law, Austin Gohn :

Baby Oliver’s First 48

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  1. Loving the updates. Please keep them coming.

    As for swaddling, I too gave birth to an olympic grade monkey boy. His nurses called him screech because of his high pitched wail, but we thought the name fit when he would wrangle out of their wraps in one swift move and then screech because he was unwrapped.

    Until a wonderful night nurse taught us about the front wrap. With the baby laying on his back place the middle of the long edge of your receiving blacket under his chin. Both arms are eith in front or at his sides. Gently roll the baby onto his left side and wrap the blanket snugly behind his right side. Repeat in the opposite direction. Once he’s cacooned tuck the blanket ends together over his feet.

    Not sure if I can describe it well enough here. This worked with my little wrestler and all 4 of my grandkids. Good luck and let me know how it goes. <3 Hugs from Arizona!

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