[Pregnancy Day 188]

How many times can an intensely sick father, who is valiantly working to complete his future child’s nursery, cough on a crib before it is considered permanently contagious?  I mean, I know it’d be fine if I just give it a quick cleaning, but we all know that’s not gunna happen.  Currently deciding how to proceed.  Either:

A. Bury my transgressions, deny everything, hope for the best.

B. Cordon off the room, follow Chernobyl level evacuation procedures, write it off as a total loss.

C. Embrace the germs, design a hazmat nursery theme, find The Walking Dead crib sheets.

2 Comments on Quarantine

  1. You could buy a gallon of disinfectant, some rubber gloves, and a face mask and do a Felix Unger on the crib (remember him, the neat freak on the “Odd Couple?”).

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